Digitization Bring New Challenges For Trade Unions

The events of the past few months have clearly shown that trade unions still have many challenging tasks ahead of them. There was an urgent need for action in two

Samuel Fielden and the Haymarket Square Riot

Samuel “Sam” Fielden was an American Methodist pastor and activist fighting for the eight hour workday. He was one of the sentenced for the bombing at the Haymarket in 1886.

Trade Union – Labour Union

Trade Union and Labour union are the same but used differently depending on where you are in the world. Trade Union is mainly used in America while Labour Union is

Eight-hour Workday

Today it is standard to have eight-hour workdays. Thanks to the union movement this has been determined and is the custom rule at most workplaces. The work norm is now

Resistance on Labour Work

For most people in the Western world it is natural to join a union and to have organisations working for human rights. Unfortunately, there are countries, and they are increasing

Unions – Why?

Facts on unions To understand why unions started we need to look a couple of hundred years back to the industrialisation. A union is an organisation connecting workers and standing behind them in questions against their employer. The purpose is to make sure that workers get payed properly and that Continue Reading